Sustainable tourism Benelux

Flamingo’s at the Grevelingenmeer | photo by Ria Bloemendaal

The world is not such a lonely planet anymore. The very resources we promote through tourism are in danger of degradation. We strongly believe that if we want to keep on travelling, we need to connect travelling with preserving our planet.

GO Experience is aware of the change that is needed and therefor participating in various projects to work towards a more sustainable form of tourism. Making the experiences, trips and events even more interesting and fun.

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BlueCity tour & plastic fishing

Sustainable Tours

For groups (tourists, schools, companies, friends) we organise Sustainable Tours, to create awareness and contribute to becoming more sustainable in a fun, interesting and educative way.

Join us for a walk through cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We show you citizens’ initiatives and startups that make the cities greener, cleaner and more sustainable. The main theme of these tours: how people work together to overcome the barriers to an eco-friendly lifestyle in an urban environment.

For more information about Sustainable Tours, contact us by phone +31649869004 or email

Sustainable Activities

For groups (schools, companies, tourists, friends) we organise Sustainable Activities, to create awareness and contribute to becoming more sustainable in a fun, interesting and educative way.

– Plastic Waste Fishing (and making art out of it)
– Sports and games activities for young and old combined with information about nature, healthy food and a sustainable burden on nature and their own living environment.
– Excursions to innovative, sustainable and circular projects and companies like solar power, wind energy

For more information about Sustainable Activities, contact us by phone +31649869004 or email

17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We try to adapt the principles from the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to the reality of tourism. By creating awareness, participate in sustainable projects, support local producers and suppliers, respect the environment and offering our guests more sustainable ways to travel and special tours about sustainability and participating. See below.