Liberation Route

GO Experience designes tailor made Liberation Route tours past memorials of World War II in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Normandy (France) in cooperation with Liberation Route and Europe Remembers. On the way, you can visit various museums, memorials, monuments and war cemeteries.

Our Liberation Route tours gives you the chance to discover and experience the route (or parts) that the Allied Forces took during the final phase of the Second World War. It focuses on the liberation of continental Europe from the National Socialist occupation, and specifically, the long-lasting consequences of World War II.

Liberation Route Benelux GO Experience

The Liberation Route France & Benelux

Follow the Liberation Route and uncover personal stories, key moments and important locations from the liberation of Europe at the end of World War II. This international project pays tribute to a pivotal moment in recent European history: the military actions and efforts that brought about the end of World War II. It’s a story of liberation that began with the D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944, and continued onwards across the continent, as Allied troops eventually broke away from the French beaches, pushing back Axis forces to liberate France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland.

The Liberation Route in France

France was one of the major European powers but was quickly defeated by Germany in the spring of 1940. Four years of occupation followed before the liberation of France and the rest of Western Europe began in June 1944.

In 1940 Nazi Germany invaded and occupied France. This marked the beginning of four years of oppression in which a large part of the Jewish population was deported. In June 1944 the Allied invasion of Western Europe began and one of the largest battles of the war was fought in Normandy. During these fights tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians lost their lives. France emerged from the war as one of the major powers and played an important role in the shaping of post war Europe.

The Liberation Route in Luxembourg

Luxembourg was invaded by Germany in May 1940 despite her neutral stance. Luxembourg had no army to speak of so the German invasion went virtually unopposed. By the end of the first day of the invasion most of the country was occupied.

In September 1944 large parts of Luxembourg were liberated by American forces but during the Battle of the Bulge in December of the same year German forces invaded the country again. German armies attacked Luxembourg and Belgium in an attempt to break through to the West. After an unsuccessful campaign, the German forces were once more pushed out of Luxembourg in the first months of 1945.

Liberation Route Benelux GO Experience

The Liberation Route in Belgium

In May 1940 the German army invaded Belgium and managed to encircle the Allied armies via a bold advance through the Ardennes. During the occupation that lasted four years thousands of Belgians lost their lives and a large part of the Jewish population was deported. Belgium was liberated in 1944.

In 1944-1945 Belgium again gained large strategic importance as the Allies tried to bring the port of Antwerp into use and the German army made a last attempt to turn the tide of the war during the Battle of the Bulge.

The Liberation Route in the Netherlands

In May 1940 the Netherlands was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany. When the liberation came in 1944 the country gained strategic importance with Operation Market Garden and the battle of the Scheldt. 

The Netherlands was occupied in 1940 after five days of heavy fighting. During the occupation thousands of civilians died in Allied bombings and as a result of the Nazi rule. The Jewish population suffered especially greatly: three quarters of the Dutch Jews did not survive the war. In late 1944 the southern part of the country was liberated during Operation Market Garden and the battle of the Scheldt, while the north remained occupied until 1945.

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