A Taste of Belgium

Taste the best of Belgium with local guides

Love of food and flavour is in Belgium’s blood, and good taste is rooted in their DNA. They are living the good life. Fries, beer, waffles and chocolate, but there is so much more to discover. Small-scale microbreweries are emerging, young chefs are innovating in the kitchen with zero waste, experimenting with local ingredientss. Chocolatiers are redefining the classic praline, and street food is taking over the streets.

Expertise and know-how are passed down from parent to child. A creative young generation is breathing new life into the traditions. That’s what keeps the culinary heritage alive.

Our local guides will take you on a journey to taste the best of Belgium’s food and beer, combined with a little sightseeing and visits of some secret places, hidden for most tourists.

We can arrange a tailor made tour for your group, based on your wishes and budget.

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