Den Bosch

Den Bosch

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Den Bosch as a travel destination

’s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch, is a city overflowing with festivals and events. It has a versatile cultural-historical city centre offering churches, museums, sailing trips, guides tours, and many other fascinating places of interest. Moreover, ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the place to be for Burgundians thanks to its centre packed with unique restaurants and lively cafés. Additionally, a wide variety of activities for children is available. Or go on a shopping spree in one of the many shopping areas throughout the city. And no trip to Den Bosch would be complete without tasting the famous local pastry treat Bossche Bol.

Art and culture lovers will find Den Bosch to be a place after their own hearts. To begin with, it offers no less than 7 museums, ranging from Het NoordBrabants Museum, displaying works by Vincent van Gogh, to the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, dedicated to the city’s most famous resident, Jheronimus Bosch. The inner city offer great opportunities for exploration, being full of buildings with beautiful facades. The city’s greatest attraction is the impressive St. John’s Cathedral, and for good reason – it’s definitely worth a visit! And besides its architectural reasons, Den Bosch’s centre offers many opportunities for fun and enjoyment, with great shops, cafes and restaurants serving tasty snacks, meals and drinks.


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