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Delta Works Tour

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Delta Works Tour

The Delta Works, consisting of 13 sections, together form the largest flood protection system in the world and are definitely worth a visit. Experience this imposing project with a Delta Works Tour. Incorporating among others storm surge barriers, dikes, dams and sluice gates –, also referred to as one of the seven wonders of the world, the Delta Works illustrate how the Dutch deal with water. If Holland didn’t protect itself against the waters, half of Holland would be submerged. Furthermore, they lie in a gorgeous environment with wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and many culinary spots.

Visit the real Delta area in the south western part of Holland, about 120 km south west of Amsterdam. Enjoy a specialised tour at the East Scheldt or Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier, one of the largest moving structures on earth. Driving over impressive dams of the Delta works in the south west we enter the province (state) of Zeeland hit by a severe flooding in 1953, which caused 1850 lives.

Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier (Oosterscheldekering)

The Delta Works – incorporating among others a storm surge barrier, dikes, dams and sluice gates – have much to offer for everyone who wishes to see how the Dutch deal with and protect themselves against the waters. The main attraction of the Delta Works is the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier, a unique flood protection construction of 8 kilometers in length, that can shut off the entire Eastern Scheldt in 75 minutes. This ingenious system of 62 enormous sliding gates is meant to prevent a disastrous flood like the one in 1953. The gates are open during normal weather, preserving the marine tide nature and allowing delicious oysters to still be cultivated and Eastern Scheldt lobster to still be caught today.

Deltapark Neeltje Jans, a water theme park on an island in the middle of the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier, is a place where you can enjoy gorgeous nature, culture and technology. You can also visit the Delta Experience there, where you will learn everything about the notorious North Sea Flood of 1953.

Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier (Maeslantkering)

But the Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier, the last component of the Delta Works located in the neighboring province of South Holland, is definitely worth a visit as well. Its large ‘arms’ – consisting of floating pontoons – can be filled with water to make them sink and form a solid barrier. In short, it’s a spectacular project that to this day protects the densely populated area around Nieuwe Waterweg and Het Scheur waterways in the Hook of Holland.

Interested in private Delta Works Tour?

GO Experience can arrange tailor made tours to visit the Delta Works. Depending on your time and budget we make a program including transfers, private specialised guide(s), entrance tickets, a fitting lunch or dinner and more. The Delta Works can also be combined with a visit of Rotterdam or Unesco Kinderdijk Windmills. A drainage system consisting of 19 windmills (built around 1740), formerly used to keep the Alblasserwaard polder area dry.

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Delta Works como destino de viagem

O Delta Works é composto por 13 seções que formam o maior sistema de proteção contra inundações no mundo e, definitivamente, vale a pena visitar. Este projeto imponente – incorporando entre outros uma barreira contra tempestade, diques, barragens e portões de esclusas – também conhecido como uma das sete maravilhas do mundo, ilustra como os holandeses lidam com a água. Se a Holanda não se protegesse contra as águas, metade do país estaria submerso. Além disso, estão localizados em um ambiente maravilhoso com belas praias, natureza e culinária.

A principal atração do Delta Works é a Barreira de Sobretensão da Escalda Oriental (Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier), uma construção única de proteção contra inundações de 8 quilômetros de extensão, que pode desligar todo o Scheldt Oriental em 75 minutos. Também o Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier outro local que vale a pena visitar. Os seus grandes “braços” – constituídos por pontões flutuantes – podem ser preenchidos com água para fazê-los afundar e formar uma barreira sólida. O Deltapark Neeltje Jans, um parque temático de água em uma ilha no meio da Barreira de Sobretensão do Estribal, é um lugar onde você pode desfrutar da natureza, cultura e tecnologia. Você também pode visitar a Delta Experience, onde aprenderá tudo sobre a Inundação do Mar do Norte de 1953.


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