Jenever Tour Schiedam
Jenever capital and gin-city with an old-Dutch city centre and the tallest windmills in the world: this is Schiedam in short. Less than ten minutes from Rotterdam you will find many jenever and gin distilleries like Nolet (Ketel 1), Loopuyt and De Kuyper, romantic canals, historic warehouses and characteristic drawbridges. Ideal for a day trip in combination with Rotterdam.

Jenever Capital
In Schiedam, you smell, taste and see jenever and gin everywhere. Major players in the global market have been established here for centuries, alongside young trendy brands that have chosen Schiedam as the home for their gins. Many old warehouses, distilleries and roasting houses – once there were 392 active – have been transformed into residences, shops, restaurants, museums and galleries. Like the National Jenever Museum Schiedam. Besides exhibitions and stories about the history of jenever, the museum has a distillery where jenever Old Schiedam is distilled from 100% malt wine, just like 300 years ago. You can also follow one of the gin and jenever tours, where you will be guided through the city centre and visit one of the producers.

Tip: Also visit the annual National Jenever and Gin Festival in Schiedam, with tastings, workshops, tours and music.

Mills and port
The Schiedam mills in the city centre also owe their existence to the jenever past: the grain was ground here for the burners. Unique for the Netherlands is that the mills are all within walking distance. Anyone wishing to experience mill life can visit De Walvisch. Every week the miller shows how the mill turns and grinds in the grain loft. You have a magnificent view of the other mills in Schiedam from the wooden balcony circling the mill.

The port of Schiedam forms part of the Port of Rotterdam. The river Schie, which flows into the Maas, winds its way straight through the city. In the ports Lange Haven and Florynhaven are special jetties for sailing enthusiasts. It’s also possible to take a trip over the canals of Schiedam in an electric boat.

Schiedam has inspired designers and artists for centuries. The city has dozens of galleries and many artworks in public spaces. The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is a must-see for art lovers. This house of Dutch art from post-1945 was the first museum to purchase CoBrA artworks in the fifties. Besides changing exhibitions, the museum also has an extensive collection from the period 1948 – 1960 with work from CoBrA artists like Karel Appel, Constant and Lucebert.

Jenever Tour Schiedam
What do you know about jenever (or gin)? What flavors are there? And what is the story behind this special drink? let us introduce you to the Schiedam spirits in the city of origin during the best Jenever Tour in Holland.

The Tour
Our Jenever Tour starts at De Waag. No witches were weighed on the scales, but juniper berries. The guide tells the story behind Jenever and nice anecdotes.

Walk across the historic Lange Haven towards the National Jenever Museum in Schiedam. Here you take a look at the Branderij of the museum, sniff the scents of the jenever botanicals and you get a tasting of different jenevers and gins from Schiedam.

After this fascinating visit, it is time to enjoy a delicious Jenever Cola or Gin & Tonic with a snack in Brasserie Stadhuis.

Duration: about 2,5 hours
The tour includes a guide
The tour includes the Branderij Jenevermuseum entrance
The Tour includes tasting in the Jenever Museum
The Tour includes 1 Jenever & Cola (or Beer) or 1 Gin & Tonic with a snack in Brasserie Stadhuis
Minimum age for participation 18 years
We can organise this tour for 10 or more participants

Prices: from € 35 per person
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